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Islamic State senior leader in Egypt’s Sinai killed

Islamic State senior leader in Egypt’s Sinai killed

October 3, 2018 » Today News


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The Islamic State group says one of its leaders in Egypt’s Sinai Peninsula has been killed.

The group’s Aamaq news agency announced the death of Abu Hamza al-Maqdisi late Monday, calling him a “martyr” without saying where or how he died. A photo of a young, smiling, bearded man accompanied the report. IS says he was killed recently, without specifying the day.

Egypt has been battling militants for years, but the Sinai-based insurgency gained strength after the 2013 military overthrow of the country’s first elected president, the Islamist Mohammed Morsi, whose brief rule was divisive.

In February, Egypt launched a massive operation against militants in Sinai and other parts of the country.

Source: Daily Mail