Israel: Is Hezbollah the next big threat?

Israel: Is Hezbollah the next big threat?

Could another “October 7th-type of attack” come from Hezbollah in the North?

That’s the question on the minds of many Israelis, even as they adjust to life in wartime. Around 200,000 Israelis have fled their homes at both the northern and southern borders.

“So even as they attempt to go back to normal, there’s this recognition that at any second, at any moment, much like what happened to them earlier on October 7, everything could change.”

SGA supports Russian-speaking churches in Israel, which include Jews who fled the war in Ukraine.

However, instead of being immobilized by a new war front, these believers understand the fear their neighbors are going through, and they’re responding with compassion.

“We’re talking about all these people that have been displaced,” says Mock. “Much like a hurricane coming into New Orleans, much like we see other destructions, these people now have nowhere to go.”

With SGA’s help, Russian-speaking churches are delivering groceries to the displaced and gathering for meals.

Pray for spiritual fruit in Israel. Ask the Lord to encourage churches representing Christ and comfort those living in grief and fear.

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