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Morteza Esmaeili

Position: Quds Force.

Background: Authorizes the boarding of passengers listed as ‘Hamrah Hamrah’ on flights. Esmaeili is a QF official and Kakhki’s replacement (as detailed in a letter relayed to Hosseini Ebrahimi). Up until recently, Esmaeili was working in Syria, and has ordered approximately 800 tickets from there over the past year.

Also Known As: Morteza Esma’ili; Mr. Esma’ili;

Location: Iran;

Address: Tehran, Iran;

Majid Kargaran, the substitute head of the Commerce Section, is a key element in the Commerce Department’s operation. Kargaran receives many correspondences regarding Hamrah and QF-related matters, is in direct contact with Mahmud Kakhki and Mohammad Esmaeili, and acts as a mediator between them and planning functions in Mahan Air regarding matters such as dispatching charter flights

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