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GFATF LLL Muhammad Naqi Ali Hashemi

Muhammad Naqi Ali Hashemi

Terror organization: A senior Pakistani facilitator for Qods Force and Hezbollah.

Status: He is a senior Pakistani facilitator for Qods Force and Hezbollah.

Role: He is a Pakistani, Shiite, organizes and guides tours to Iran on behalf of the Rahian e Noor travel agency. He lectures at respectable universities, he is a member of religious organizations and various student’s organizations in Pakistan, such as ISO and MWM. He lectures at mosques in Karachi.

Hashemi’s seemingly innocent occupations were cover for his activity for Qods Force and Hezbollah’s ESO, in which he recruited dozens of Pakistani (usually students) who then went through training in Lebanon or Iran targeted to carry out terror activity around the world when instructed by Qods force or Hezbollah to do so.

Location: Unknown, possibly Pakistan, Iran, or Lebanon.

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