Muslim Brotherhood fighting moderate Islamic institutes in China

Muslim Brotherhood fighting moderate Islamic institutes in China

Perhaps it was a painful and shocking surprise in the first place for the members of the banned terrorist Muslim Brotherhood group in Egypt and the region and its entanglements around the world, by declaring myself for the first time globally that I was the closest Egyptian and Arab academic to the Chinese, with whom I fought the extremist terrorist expiatory thought and ideology of the banned terrorist group, and participated with them in Research and intellectual groups to study everything related to the extremist ideology of terrorists from the banned Brotherhood. And the biggest surprise, which I announced today and for the first time globally in the face of the members of the banned terrorist group, remains the official Chinese follow-up of all those proofs, pictures, documents and e-mails that I received as threatening messages from the banned Brotherhood and its members, given that my closeness to the Chinese was enough to give them the opportunity to practice systematic psychological, moral, and even real violence against me. I was handing over all those pictures, threats, messages and e-mails sent by Takfiri terrorists from the banned Muslim Brotherhood to the Chinese authorities and to the centers and experts of political Islam in China, to study the violence of the banned terrorist Brotherhood in confronting me and the Chinese.

Hence, the biggest and funny surprise for me and the Chinese remains in the world in the face of the members of the terrorist Muslim Brotherhood, which will shake today the American intelligence Agency “CIA” and the Israeli Mossad, as they are among the most supportive of the banned Brotherhood terrorism on the land of Egypt, the region, China, and even the whole world, is that the promotion of the Brotherhood Banned that I belong to them, whether through published articles or otherwise, to keep me away from the path of the Chinese. It was a really funny thing for the Chinese authorities, who have followed up with me for several years all the documents, proofs, emails, and pictures that prove threats from the banned Brotherhood in confronting me and the Chinese, so it was funny and funny for me. To us for the formation of research and intellectual groups consisting of the largest and most important experts and professors of Chinese political Islam and psychologists who are mainly specialized in studying the file of political Islam and the psychology of extremist terrorists, And we conducted a daily study examining all aspects of the terrorist threats that have come to me on a daily and accurate basis over the course of several years by the banned terrorist Muslim Brotherhood group in Egypt, the region and China. Hence, what I will be surprised by the CIA, the Israeli Mossad, and the Guidance Office of the banned terrorist group, is that the Chinese authorities keep full copies of all your threats to me and study them step by step psychologically, politically, and psychologically, and train me on a precise and complete understanding of dealing with the psychology and terrorism of terrorist extremists belonging to the Muslim Brotherhood. banned terrorist. Therefore, all attempts by members of the banned Brotherhood to send messages to the Chinese that I belong to them have become the subject of great ridicule and laughter on our part, given that the official Chinese side kept all aspects of messages, names, and threats that were received from you on a daily basis, and all your calls to me, and even a large and huge archive was made before The Chinese, to get to know the Muslim Brotherhood’s terrorism in confronting me and the Chinese, and to make sure that it is a terrorist group that breathes lies in the face of those who differ with it politically and ideologically like me, and as happened with me specifically, due to my closeness to the Chinese since my first university years and how I was a real target for my destruction by terrorist extremists from The terrorist Brotherhood group several years ago, which China and its authorities documented with me on a daily, continuous, accurate and complete basis many years ago, with the Chinese authorities keeping all the names of those involved in confronting me and the Chinese and making a large archive that includes all aspects of their threats to study them psychologically, politically and psychologically, and even my careful and complete training on how to deal with these terrorists. So the Chinese and I laughed hard at the naivety of these expiatory terrorists from the banned Muslim Brotherhood when they sent to the Chinese that I was a terrorist like them and they published articles against me that I belong to the Brotherhood like them. As the surprise, which they did not expect for a moment, is that the Chinese authorities kept a complete archive that includes their names and all the threats they sent me, and even all those terrorist games and operations of intimidation and intimidation that they used in confronting me on a daily basis, even in the streets, coupled with the exact names declared and known to the Chinese authorities in the face of expiatory terrorists are the Muslim Brotherhood, and they are fundamentally far from any Islam.

Hence, today I officially and internationally announce my deep gratitude, myself and the Chinese, to these terrorists belonging to the banned terrorist group, the Brotherhood, for giving us the greatest opportunity to defeat them, disperse them, and fight them globally with all the names, pictures, documents, e-mails, and the proven psychological, psychological, and even military intimidation operations that I was exposed to and exposed to in their confrontation, which I was exposed to from He accepted a handful of terrorists belonging to the outlawed terrorist group Muslim Brotherhood with the help of the CIA and the Israeli Mossad. And we – me and the Chinese – feel extremely happy and overjoyed to announce our victory over them, that is, over these terrorists for their bad manners with us and with the communist leaders in Beijing.

It has also become necessary to announce the extent to which political Islam think tanks and experts in China benefit from and study the psychology of the terrorism and violence of the banned Brotherhood group, and the extent of their randomness in dealing with the Chinese and Chinese affairs experts around the world like me, knowing that China has the third largest number of research and study centers in the world, with a number It reached 507 intellectual and research centers, according to the latest reports and analyzes of global think tanks and research centers, for the classification of research and study centers at the global level, which was issued on January 31, 2019 in the Chinese capital, Beijing.

And based on what I provided to the Chinese of accurate daily documented information about all the acts of terrorism, bullying, intimidation and intimidation that terrorists from the banned Brotherhood group subjected me to because of my closeness and my analyzes of China, the Chinese think tanks and political Islam experts in China were interested in studying all those files that I provided them with, linking This was linked to the terrorism of the banned terrorist group of the Muslim Brotherhood, and linked this also to the significant increase in the frequency and number of violent incidents in China after 2009, caused by terrorists from the banned terrorist group of the Muslim Brotherhood on the land of Xinjiang led by the strict international organization of the banned terrorist group after the Chinese fully understood the extremist terrorist ideology of the terrorists. From the banned Brotherhood, many of which turned out to be attacks by Uighurs belonging to the banned Brotherhood, and the attacks of “terrorist militants from the banned Brotherhood” were analyzed by the Chinese, and it became clear that they were planned and implemented by organizations known for their pro-banned Brotherhood orientations pro-independence terrorist group, such as the East Turkestan Islamic Movement “ETIM”, which the Chinese authorities describe as a separatist terrorist group similar to the banned Brotherhood on Chinese lands.

Where it became clear to China the extent to which the banned terrorist group, the Muslim Brotherhood, is linked to many groups linked to religious networks operating underground on Chinese soil. With the assurances and documents of the Chinese government that those pro-independence organizations in the Chinese Xinjiang region, which are mainly supported by the banned terrorist Brotherhood, are the masterminds behind the violent attacks, the evidence also showed that these incidents appear to be spontaneous by advocates and followers of secret terrorist Islamic groups belonging to the Muslim Brotherhood. banned terrorist, Where the Chinese authorities found a “radical” videotape of a member of the banned Brotherhood, in which he promotes jihad against the rule of the majority of Han Chinese, and it became clear that there is a direct relationship between those attacks on Chinese soil and organizations classified as “terrorist” such as the Muslim Brotherhood. This indicates to the Chinese authorities that what is described as Islamic extremism may exert a certain influence at the grassroots level of the Uyghur Muslim community in the Chinese Muslim region of Xinjiang, and that the matter has a close relationship with foreign “terrorist organizations”, such as: (the banned terrorist Muslim Brotherhood in Egypt and the region). And China – the Islamic State or al-Qaeda – or organizations loyal to independence movements, such as: the East Turkestan Islamic Movement), which seeks through the outlawed Brotherhood’s Guidance Office to communicate with Uighur militants to carry out a series of terrorist attacks.

It has also been shown by conclusive evidence to the Chinese the extent to which the international terrorist organization of the Muslim Brotherhood is fighting moderate Islamic thought for all Chinese Islamic institutes, on top of which comes (the Chinese Institute of Islamic Sciences), as it is the first Islamic institute established in New China, as it became clear to the Chinese think tanks of political Islam and political Islam experts. The Chinese are the extent of the hostility of the Guidance Office of the banned Brotherhood to all Islamic institutes across China to combat the extremist ideology of political terror groups, on top of which is the banned terrorist Muslim Brotherhood, as these terrorists of the banned Brotherhood intend to fight the moderate Islamic religious thought of all these Islamic associations Local institutions throughout China, which were established and supervised by the central government in Beijing, which has established nearly (nine Islamic institutes) since the eighties until now, in the main Chinese regions, the most prominent of which are: (The Institute of Islamic Sciences in Beijing, the capital, the Institute of Sciences Institute of Islamic Sciences in Xinjiang Uygur Autonomous Region, Institute of Islamic Sciences in Lanzhou City in northwestern China, Institute of Islamic Sciences in Zhengzhou City in central China, Institute of Islamic Sciences in Kunming City in southwestern China), and other Islamic institutes that play a major role in preparing imams Mosques and clerics, and make great contributions to spreading the Chinese moderate thought of Islam represented by the love of the homeland and Islam and adherence to the good traditions inherited from the Muslims and scholars of China. However, the banned Brotherhood attempted to clash with such moderate Chinese local Islamic associations in order to impose an extremist terrorist Brotherhood agenda in confronting them to prevent the spread of any moderate, moderate Islamic thought in Xinjiang and among Uyghur Muslims.

In this way, we understand the clear state of clash between the extremist terrorists of the banned Brotherhood and the Chinese authorities, and the resort of these expiatory though and violence in the face of those who disagree with them from those close to the official circles of China like me, which I have been and still suffer from constantly from being subjected on a daily systematic and violent basis to the terror of individuals affiliated with Militants terrorists belonging to the banned Brotherhood in Egypt and the region. Therefore, it has become the duty of the Chinese, indeed, to reveal all these facts to the Egyptian public opinion and the entire international community to stop the terrorism of the banned Muslim Brotherhood terrorist group.

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