NAF airstrikes eliminate terrorists in Borno and Niger

NAF airstrikes eliminate terrorists in Borno and Niger

The Nigerian Air Force (NAF) has reported successful airstrikes conducted by the Air Components of Operations Hadin Kai and Whirl Punch in the North East and North Central regions, targeting terrorist groups in Borno and Niger.

According to a statement released by the Director of Public Relations and Information, AVM Edward Gabkwet, on Sunday May 5, 2024 in Abuja.

He said “the air operations have been effective in neutralizing terrorists and dismantling their infrastructure, equipment, and movements, thereby reducing their capacity to launch attacks on ground troops and civilians.”

“In the North East, airstrikes were authorized and executed on May 3 over Chinene, located within the Mandara mountain range. “

Intelligence indicated terrorist gatherings in the area, with seven gun trucks observed parked under trees.

The airstrikes successfully targeted the assembly area, destroying weapons and mobility. The Battle Damage Assessment confirmed the elimination of several terrorists and logistical support.

“Similarly, on the same day, airstrikes were conducted by the air component of Operation Whirl Punch targeting terrorists in Allawa village, near Shiroro town in Niger.”

This preemptive mission was based on credible intelligence indicating the influx of terrorists into the village following the evacuation of locals due to security concerns.

The terrorists had previously attacked the deserted Allawa community and invaded Galapai village.

The airstrikes effectively engaged the terrorists and targeted their hidden arms cache in Allawa Forest.

“Additionally, the NAF conducted airstrikes in the Niger Delta region, targeting illegal refining sites north of Arugbana and Temakiri.”

This operation aimed to minimize the capabilities of oil thieves to sabotage oil pipelines and disrupt oil production.

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