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Nazem Said Ahmad

Born: 05 January 1965;

Place of Birth: Sierra Leone;

Gender: Male;

Nationality: Lebanon;

Citizen: Belgium;

Address: Mteferraa From Es Semrlnd, Beirut, Lebanon;

Known also as: Nazem Ali Ahmad; Nazem Saeed Ahmad; Nazim Ahmad; Nazim Sa’id Ahmad; Nizam Saed Ahmad; Nazem Said Ahmed; Nazem Saied Ahmed.


Ahmad, a diamond dealer, is a prominent Lebanon-based money launderer and significant Hizballah financier. As of late 2016, Ahmad was considered a major Hizballah financial donor who laundered money through his companies for Hizballah and provided funds personally to Hizballah Secretary-General Hassan Nasrallah. Ahmad was also involved in “blood diamond” smuggling and formerly ran businesses in Belgium that benefitted Hizballah. He stores some of his personal funds in high-value art in a pre-emptive attempt to mitigate the effects of U.S. sanctions, and he opened an art gallery in Beirut, Lebanon as a front to launder money.

Ahmad also maintains ties to several Hizballah financiers and associates, as Kassim Tajideen and Mohammad Bazzi. In early 2019, Ahmad was involved in a bank loan with Adham Tabaja. Ahmad is also close to Hizballah officials, Hassan Nasrallah and Hizballah’s representative to Iran, Abdallah Safi-al-Din.

Additionally, according to press reporting, Ahmad purchased a tract of land in Lebanon for $240 million. A major investor in the transaction was a relative of the designated Ali Tajideen, a Hizballah fundraiser and former Hizballah commander. The investor acquired the funds from conflict diamond and mineral dealers, and Treasury-designated Hizballah front companies.

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