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Gaza-based Palestinian terror group Islamic Jihad caught building rockets in West Bank

Gaza-based Palestinian terror group Islamic Jihad caught building rockets in West Bank

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The Gaza-based Palestinian terror organization Islamic Jihad is building rockets in the West Bank to use against Israeli civilians in a future terror attack, Israeli media reported Wednesday.

Israel’s Channel 12 released photographs of makeshift rockets assembled in Tulkarem, a Palestinian city in the West Bank not far from Jerusalem. The channel reported that Palestinian Authority security forces arrested three Islamic Jihad terrorists in connection to the rockets. The security forces also took a rocket prototype created by the terrorists.

The rockets were not created by highly skilled terrorists, but they can be improved on to threaten Tel Aviv and other densely populated Israeli cities.

The report said the Islamic Jihad terror cell received instructions on how to build the rockets from Lebanon. It is unknown if the instructions came from the Iranian-backed Hezbollah terror group in Lebanon.

Tehran provides tens of millions of dollars to Hezbollah, Islamic Jihad, and Hamas.

Although Israel holds Hamas responsible for everything in Gaza, the military has blamed Islamic Jihad for an uptick in terrorism and unrest on the Gaza border, including a spike in rockets and multiple attempts to breach the border and kill Israeli citizens.

The IDF chief of military intelligence in June said Hamas is not interested in a full-on war right now, but Islamic Jihad is more likely to instigate a war against Israel because it has less to lose than Hamas, which governs the Gaza strip.

Source: Christian Broadcast