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February 7, 2020 » Today News »

People jailed for terrorism offences should serve the full sentence

People jailed for terrorism offences should serve the full sentence

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Every day I walk across Westminster Bridge and whilst it seems perfectly peaceful, the huge metal barriers remind you that there is a daily potential threat to life.

On my way into Parliament I also see the memorial to PC Keith Palmer who valiantly gave his life defending this country from such an attack.

What happened in Streatham is sadly not an isolated incident and the security services do an incredible job foiling many attempts to kill innocent members of the public.

Since the most recent attack, the Government has now announced plans to prevent terrorists from being released half way through their sentences, as with those guilty of violent and sexual offences.

It does get on my nerves when I see an army of lawyers and human rights groups, almost exclusively London-based, then jumping on the bandwagon that this is somehow infringing civil liberties.

In my view, if you are given a sentence then you should expect to serve it – we should be more concerned about the public’s safety.

Criminals are not victims – we should not be treating them as though they are.

This week I was also supporting various campaigns.

I would urge anybody who can to support Worksop Town FC in their current financial situation.

Even going along to a match would be a great help and we should be very proud of The Tigers, whose history goes back to 1861, making them the fourth oldest club in the world.

The first time I went to watch the club they had ex-England international Chris Waddle playing for them and I’d hope that there will be many more of enjoyable days going into the future.

Another cause I supported was World Cancer Day with Cancer Research UK.

My father died from bowel cancer, so this is something very close to my heart, and I want to see us improving outcomes in Bassetlaw.

The RNIB also had a great exhibition on ways that blind and visually impaired people can be supported.

I intend to make my new constituency office and surgeries as user-friendly as possible for those with accessibility requirements.

Source: Mirror