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Ex-ISIS sex slave reveals her agony after leaving the child behind in her bid for freedom

Ex-ISIS sex slave reveals her agony after leaving the child behind in her bid for freedom

An ex-ISIS sex slave has described the harrowing moment she attempted to force a miscarriage after multiple rapes left her ‘carrying a small ISIS man’.

Nihad Barakat Shamo Alawsi was 15-years-old when she was kidnapped by the terror group in her home town of Sinjar in northwest Iraq in 2014.

After being held against her will, tortured, and left with a child who was the product of rape, the courageous Yazidi teenager is now hoping to embark on a new life in Australia.

Yazidis believe in a combination of Christianity, Islam, and the ancient Persian faith Zoroastrianism. As a result, Islamic State considers them ‘devil-worshippers,’ according to The Sydney Morning Herald.

The teenager, now 18, was abducted from her home along with 27 members of her family and taken to Syria, then Mosul in northern Iraq where she was tortured for weeks.

She was taken as a slave by one man who died two weeks later, before she was sold to another man who already had a wife and another Yazidi sex slave.

He beat and raped her and a month later she became pregnant

‘I thought I was carrying a small ISIS man,’ she told The Sydney Morning Herald.

‘When I got pregnant I thought that I am weak and I am wondering and asking myself, ‘Why did this happen?”

Despite attempts to induce a miscarriage, Nihad gave birth to a baby boy called Issa, Arabic for Jesus.

Nihad managed to escape three months later when the baby’s father decided to marry her to his cousin, but she was forced to leave Issa behind.

He will be two in July.

‘He is part of me but he’s something from those criminals and he represents those criminals,’ she said.

‘Even if I managed to meet him again, my family and all the Yazidi people would say ‘This is a member of ISIS’.’

She made a phone call to her family and was then rescued by Steve Maman from The Liberation of Christian and Yazidi Children of Iraq (CYCI).

Nihad is now freed from the brutal rule of ISIS seeking to relocate to Australia with her family.

She hopes to be granted a protection visa by the end of the year before completing her studies, reports Sydney Morning Herald.

‘I would like to go there to continue to work to be a teacher.’

Australia is one of the few countries willing to keep her family together.

Australia announced it would welcome 18,750 people seeking protection after being displaced by the conflict in war-torn Syria and Iraq.

The government announced in March it would grant protection visas to 12,000 people escaping the conflict zone.

Source: Daily Mail