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Suicide bomber attacks ISIS leaders meeting near Anbar

Suicide bomber attacks ISIS leaders meeting near Anbar

June 25, 2017 » Today News » / /

A local source in Anbar Province informed that a number of the Islamic State leaders were either killed or wounded, when a suicide bomber belonging to the group blew up himself amid their meeting in Qaim District, west of the province, Alsumaria News reported on Sunday.

The source said that a member of the Islamic State blew up himself amid a gathering of the group’s leaders in al-Qaim District, on the Iraqi-Syrian borders, while added that the suicide bomber detonated himself after the significant defeat of the group in Mosul and the approaching battles to libetare areas west of Anbar.

It is noteworthy, cities of Qaim, Anah and Rawa in al-Anbar Province are still under the control of the Islamic State that captured them three years ago, while security forces are preparing to launch an assault to liberate these cities.

Source: Iraqi News