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Suspected terrorist attack at checkpoint in the Jenin area

Suspected terrorist attack at checkpoint in the Jenin area

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The IDF suspects that an Arab who ran his car into a checkpoint in the Jenin area early Thursday morning did so as a terrorist attack.

An Arab drove speedily into the Reihan Crossing at hit a cement block.

No one was injured in the attack.

The Defense Ministry stated that the suspect, an Arab from the Palestinian Authority (PA) who lives in the village of Bartaa in the Jenin area reached the checkpoint on its Israeli side and stopped about 20 meters before the security post.

A security guard signaled him to approach slowly. At this point, the suspect accelerated and drove quickly toward the security guard, with the suspected objective of injuring him.

The security guards commenced an arrest procedure that included shots in the air.

The suspected terrorist hit a number of concrete bumps and eventually collided with a security guard post and was arrested.

During a preliminary investigation at the site of the attack, the suspect claimed he intended to carry out an attack and “wanted to die.”

This is the third terrorist attack in recent weeks.

On Tuesday, during Israel’s Memorial Day, an Arab terrorist stabbed a woman in her 60s in Kfar Saba and seriously injured her. The terrorist was shot and wounded.

On April 22, an Arab terrorist rammed his car into a Border Police checkpoint near Jerusalem and then stabbed and moderately wounded a policeman. He was shot dead.

That attack occurred just days before the commencing of the Muslim month of Ramadan when Israel often sees a spike in terrorist attacks.

Source: Jewish Press