GFATF LLL Dr Hossein Rouzbeh

Dr. Hossein Rouzbeh

An Iranian academic, a member of the scientific staff at Imam Hossein University and a respected expert on international relations

GFATF LLL Abdul Rahman Homaei

Abdul Rahman Homaei

An Iranian hacker and IT expert. He works as an instructor for the Quds Force -Palestine Branch

GFATF - LLL - Majid Khademi

Majid Khademi

Majid Khademi, head of The Information and Protection Organization to the IRGC - replaced Muhammad Kazemi in June 2022

GFATF LLL Ali Reza Belali

Ali Reza Belali

Special advisor to IRGC’s Aerospace Forces Commander, He personally accompanies the Russian forces on their operational training with the UAVs.

GFATF LLL Saeed Aghajani

Saeed Aghajani

IRGC Aerospace Forces has several commands, one of them is the UAV Command, led by Saeed Aghajani.

GFATF - LLL - Hasan Mashroueifar

Hasan Mashroueifar

Commander of the Vali Amr Protection Corps - Khamenei's personal security unit (since June 2022 replaced Ebrahim Jabbari). His shadow name was Hassan Amami, and...

GFATF - LLL - Ali Mohebali

Ali Mohebali

Foreign Intelligence Division (unit 800) in IRGC’s Intelligence Organization.

GFATF - LLL - Rouhollah Bazghandi

Rouhollah Bazghandi

In parallel, he functions as a deputy to Javad Ghafari. The two know one-another from the time they served in Syria together and Bazghandi was...

GFATF - LLL - Hassan Mohaghegh

Hassan Mohaghegh

Mohaghegh served in his early days in the Habib Battalion and was injured, he uses two crutches to this day. Before ascending to the deputyship...

GFATF - LLL - Muhammad Kazemi

Muhammad Kazemi

He serves in the IRGC since 1983. Along the years he commanded numerous operations against regime opponents, which gave him the nickname - the spy...

GFATF LLL IRGC Obtains AI-Powered Unmanned Vessels

IRGC Obtains AI-Powered Unmanned Vessels

The Islamic Revolution Guards Corps Navy has developed uncrewed military vessels that use artificial intelligence for combat operations, a commander said.

GFATF LLL Hamed Abdallahi

Hamed Abdallahi

Abdallahi was personally involved in carrying out terror attacks along his career. As head of Unit 400, Abdallahi is involved in all its activities, approving...