ISIS terrorist group intends to organize uprisings in Afghanistan, Pakistan and Central Asia

ISIS terrorist group intends to organize uprisings in Afghanistan, Pakistan and Central Asia

Establishment of Khorasan province branch by ISIS in Afghanistan should be considered as a very big and dangerous scenario as eastern and central Asia is the main target of terrorists in this scenario that these targets have been achieved to an extent.

What that has caused concern of ruling governments in this region, is ISIS ideological capacity. Due to working on vast types and different tribes, ISIS managed to recruit militants from different geographic. At represent, for the central and eastern Asia geopgraphices, different scenarios have been drafted by ISIS.

Amid this, Russia is concerned on expansion of operational dimensions of this scenario in the central Asia as she has been fighting it continuously. Emphasizing on this point that we would be witnessing increase of ISIS influence in Afghanistan in near future, Pir Mohammad an expert on central Asia issues, said, inside khorasan this discussion is going on that the second project of ISIS should be followed specifically in Nangarhar, Helmamnd, Badakhshan and Faryab provinces of Afghanistan.

This concentration of ISIS is due to certain resources including drugs. They believe that if one day they fail to receive arms and equipments through their western canals, they should be able to use native canals for this purpose. Therefore after defeat in Mosul and their elimination in the middle east ethnic groups would come to central Asia particularly Afghanistan most of them the Chechnis who were active in higher level of this faction.

At the present although ISIS is active in Afghanistan, but slight attention is focused to it in domestic media as it seriously intends to organize vast uprisings in Afghanistan, Pakistan and central Asian countries, and the Khorasan province has been established in this direction.

ISIS is involved in recruiting in Afghanistan, even we witness that a number of Al-qaeda terrorists as well as Hezb-e- Islami Hekmatyar militants are present in it. Tajiks, Eighors and Uzbeks are external body of ISIS in Afghanistan but the central body, leaders and senior commanders of Khorasan province are native elements of Afghanistan and Pakistan.

Therefore a war on power would be ahead between Taliban and ISIS and in Afghanistan in geography of central Asia as it has already partially started.Touching the roots of differences between Taliban and ISIS he said, as Taliban consider themselves owner of Afghanistan and we cannot claim that a deep ideologic link exists between Taliban and ISIS.

If we have a glimpse at the first armed clash of ISIS and Taliban in Nangarhar province, Afghanistan, we see that large number of both sides militants were killed and even ten commanders of TTP were taken captive by ISIS who were later executed inside Afghanistan.

Therefore ISIS believes that Taliban militants has no right in Afghanistan and according to ISIS, their Khorasan provinces says the first and last word in Afghanistan and the whole central Asia.

He pointed out, according to available data and taking into account ISIS situation in Afghanistan, it seems that TTP militants would re-promise their loyalty to ISIS leaders and this situation could double security threats in Afghanistan and Pakistan.

A primary allegiance had already taken place between these elements and Taliban hardliner core who had expressed loyalty to Hafiz Sayeed Khan but it now seems that this loyalty would be renewed overtly and covertly. In this case, we will be witnessing razing the Afghan people to the ground in vast dimensions as would influence into Pakistan.

Because for the first time, ISIS had managed to operate in Baloochistan province and this situation would not draw a clear and good picture for the future of central Asia.

Source: Kabul Times