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April 30, 2017 » Today News »

ISIS terrorists are building suicide boats from stolen ambulances

ISIS terrorists are building suicide boats from stolen ambulances

ISIS jihadis are turning stolen ambulances into ‘precision-built’ suicide boats for river death missions in Mosul as elite troops fight to recapture the western half of the embattled city.
The evil terror group is thought to have launched dozens of attacks using the bomb-laden vessels since October in a terrifying move that reveals the desperate measures it is taking to ward off the onslaught of Iraqi military units.

The improvised boats were discovered in an abandoned factory in Hay al-Thawra in Mosul which was recaptured from ISIS by the elite Rapid Response Division earlier this month.

The run-down building contained at least four ambulances which are thought to have been stolen by the jihadis when they took control of Mosul in a week of intense fighting in 2014.

The vessels appear to have been sawn to pieces with their roofs turned upside down and waterproofed using scrap materials.

The suicide boats would likely have been bound for the River Tigiris which divides the recaptured east of Mosul and the western part of the city, which is still largely under jihadi control.

They could have been used to launch attacks just months after the militants destroyed five of the bridges crossing the water in a bid to slow the advance of Iraqi troops.

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‘The ambulances had the roofs cut off, and the roofs reinforced from the inside out. They were then waterproofed with what appeared to be scrap plastic and other materials.’

‘These were not something constructed overnight. They were precision-built, with one intention in mind – destruction.’

Earlier this month an ISIS car bomb factory with vehicles and explosives to cause mass destruction was discovered in the Iraqi city of Mosul.

During the offensive in east Mosul, most ISIS car bombs were either painted black or their steel bullet-proof metal sheets were left unpainted.

The truck’s bodywork had been reinforced with thick steel sheets, designed to act as bullet-proofing to protect the driver traveling at high speed towards enemy positions.

Source: Daily Mail