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May 20, 2019 » Today News »

Tunisian security forces arrested terrorist suspect in Hai al-Tadamon

Tunisian security forces arrested terrorist suspect in Hai al-Tadamon

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A security patrol in Hai al-Tadamon in western Tunis arrested a dangerous suspect, who has been wanted for committing terrorist acts, according to Tunisian security sources.

They said the suspect had arrived in the capital from terrorist hideouts in the country’s western mountainous areas to reach Hai al-Tadamon, a densely populated neighborhood west of Tunis, to visit his family.

The patrol arrested the suspect in an ambush and without resistance, sources added, crediting good planning for the success of the operation.

He is expected to be referred to the relevant judicial authority for investigation over the details of how he managed to reach Hai al-Tadamon, traveling hundreds of kilometers and evading intelligence services and patrols deployed at the entrances of most cities.

Counter-terrorism experts stressed that the arrest is an important security success, but more significantly, it revealed that besieged terrorist elements were falling one after to the other in the hands of military and security forces.

On May 13, national security forces in the central city of Bouhajla arrested a terrorist fugitive, who is facing a prison sentence of 30 years.

The Interior Ministry reported that a high-risk stake out allowed the forces to capture the suspect as he attempted to leave a terrorist hideout to visit his sick mother in Sidi Bou Zid city.

Security sources reported that the suspect, 27, was riding in a light truck at the time of the arrest. He will appear before a specialized court, where he is expected to divulge information about the activities, locations and plots of terrorists he was in contact with.

Source: Aawsat