Underage ISIS terrorist planned bomb attack in northern Italy

Underage ISIS terrorist planned bomb attack in northern Italy

Italian authorities have arrested a minor suspected of being a supporter of the ISIS terror network who was allegedly planning an explosive attack in the area where he lived, police said Tuesday.

The minor, identified as an Italian citizen of foreign origin, was arrested in the province of Bergamo on suspicion of association with the aim of terrorism, terrorist training, extolling the virtues of terrorism and instigation to commit a crime.

Italian authorities said others in the network of young ISIS supporters were arrested last week in Europe and the United States, but did not provide further details.

Investigators said that the suspect, who had been under surveillance by Italian intelligence, had quickly become radicalized, publishing terrorist propaganda online, and initiating plans for an explosive attack.

The arrest, approved by a court for minors in Brescia, was carried out last Friday. The suspect had in his possession videos of executions, weapons manuals and instructions on how to build explosive devices, which he was passing along to a network of young ISIS supporters in other countries, encouraging them to take violent action, investigators said.

Source: foxnews