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  • Anas El-Abboubi
    Anas El Abboubi was an Italian citizen of Moroccan descent and a U.S.-designated foreign fighter[...]
  • Abou Merhi Lines
    Abou Merhi Lines (AML) is a privately owned shipping company providing vehicle and rolling cargo[...]
  • Al-Ahmar Group
    Al-Ahmar Group is a well known holding entity owning numerous companies in various fields of[...]
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  • Salim Youssufi
    Salim Youssufi is a 25-year-old Italian national living in Coventry Road, Small Heath (Birmingham). He[...]
  • Aldo Kobuzi
    Aldo Kobuzi was an average teenager in a forgotten village of central Albania before he[...]
  • Maria Giulia Sergio
    Maria Giulia Sergio, originally from Torre del Greco, had moved approximately ten years ago to[...]
  • Haik Bushra
    Haik Bushra is a Canadian citizen of Syrian origin who grew up in Bologna and[...]
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