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Rima Baker

Nazem Said Ahmad’s wife, Rima Baker, served as a proxy for Nazem Said Ahmad for both the purchase as well as the consignment of works...


Rami Baker

Rami Baker, Nazem Said Ahmad’s brother-in-law, is a close friend and business associate who served as a proxy for Nazem Said Ahmad in many companies...


Artual Gallery

Hind Ahmad directly owns and operates Artual Gallery in Beirut, Lebanon. Since 2018, Nazem Said Ahmad’s daughter, Hind Ahmad, has brokered deals on behalf of...


Rim Nasser

Acted as a nominee shareholder in Oriental Dynasty Limited


Firas Ahmad

Firas Ahmad, Nazem Said Ahmad’s son, handles many of his father’s business affairs in South Africa. Firas Ahmad is the director of South Africa-based diamond...