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Hajji Taysir

Hajji Taysir is an ISIS senior leader and reports to Abu Bakr al-Baghdadi. As the ISIS Wali of Iraq and former amir of improvised explosive devices, Hajji Taysir likely ordered IED attacks in the region.

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Ismael Tash

Since at least 2017, Tash has had ongoing contact with a money transfer channel managed by the designated Hamas financial facilitator Muhammad Sarur. This channel has transferred IRGC-QF money to Hamas and in particular Hamas’s operational arm in the Gaza Strip.

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Al-Khalidi Exchange

As of September 2017, ISIS-affiliated al-Khalidi served as a hawala financial exchange office. All locations were run by two individuals who knowingly assisted ISIS members in financial transfers. Al-Khalidi’s office in Mayadin, Syria also served as an internet café for ISIS[...]

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