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Terrorist Attacks in canada

Terror Financiers

Terrorism Financiers

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Ayman Ahmad Ibrahim

Over the past three years, Stars Group Holding, Kamel Mohamad Amhaz, Issam Mohamad Amhaz, Ayman[...]


Terrorism Events

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 Terrorist Groups

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Mohammad Moiz Omar

Mohammad Moiz Omar allegedly discharged bear spray while brandishing a hatchet at a mosque in[...]


Ali Saleh

Ali Saleh is a man who was convicted for attempting to provide material support to[...]

GFATF - LLL - Mohammed Khalifa

Mohammed Khalifa

Mohammed Khalifa, also known as Abu Ridwan Al-Kanadi and Abu Muthanna Al-Muhajir, has been charged[...]

GFATF - LLL - Daniel Khoshnood

Daniel Khoshnood

Daniel Khoshnood, along with Kevin Omar Mohamed were found to have met with each other,[...]

GFATF - LLL - Kevin Omar Mohamed

Kevin Omar Mohamed

Kevin Omar Mohammed is a Canadian citizen who was convicted for trying to join the[...]

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