2 Daesh terrorists nabbed in Turkish intelligence-backed operation

2 Daesh terrorists nabbed in Turkish intelligence-backed operation

The Syrian National Army (SNA) forces detained two Daesh terrorist suspects in an operation backed by Türkiye’s National Intelligence Organization (MIT), sources said Thursday.

The two suspects were identified as Abu Bakr Quraishi codenamed Ziyad al-Hajji, who’s responsible for the terrorist group’s financial administration in the Damascus area and Abu al-Bara codenamed Musa Mohammad al-Habib.

The sources did not identify the exact location of the operation but said it was conducted in the Operation Peace Spring region, which liberated the towns of Ras al-Ain and Tal Abyad from YPG/PKK terrorists.

MIT has been quiet about its counterterrorism activities in the past but Türkiye’s top intelligence body is more open in publicizing its operations nowadays. This is largely due to the heightened success in the past two decades to find and eliminate terrorists, whether in Türkiye or abroad. Through the publicizing of operations, MIT also apparently hopes that the terrorist groups would be daunted in their vicious campaign of violence.

Security sources say MIT is instrumental in contributing to Türkiye’s counterterrorism strategy focusing on “eliminating threats at its source,” namely, beyond Türkiye’s borders.

Source » dailysabah.com