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GFATF - LLL - Amer Afif Abu Khalil

Lawyer: Amer Afif Abu Khalil

General Info:
Amer Afif Abu Khalil is an attorney in Tyre who is closely associated with the Tajideen Network. He is the attorney for the following Tajideen companies (Tajideen companies are part of Hezbollah terrorist group financing):

– Afrimex (Offshore) SAL;

– Distributions and Agencies Company SAL;

– Galaxy Flame Trading SAL Offshore;

– Company for Development and Prosperity;


– Hyram Maritime SAL;

– Al-Marjan Trading & Real Estate Development Company SAL;

– Lebanese Real Estate Development & Investment Company SAL;

– Bream Star Line SAL Offshore;

– Union Real Estate Development Company SAL;

– Al Burhan Development and Development Company SAL;

– Al-Massar Real Estate SAL;

– The General Company for Real Estate Development and Development (ALICE) SAL;

– Atwi and Abbas Trading Company;

– Trust & Safety RE. Investment SAL;

– Al-Izdihar for Contracting SARL;

– Tajco Company SAE;

– Ovlas Trading SAL (Offshore);

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