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Designated by US Treasury Department in September 2010.

From the designation:

Tajco is a multipurpose, multinational business venture involved in international trade as well as real estate and presided over by Ali, Husayn and Kassim Tajideen.

As of February 2007, Kassim Tajideen owned Tajco and used proceeds from this business to provide millions of dollars in financial support to Hizballah. Husayn Tajideen, co-owner of Tajco Ltd in The Gambia, serves as the company’s managing director. Ali Tajideen and Kassim Tajideen were business partners and co-owners of Tajco Sarl, operating as Tajco Company LLC in Tyre, Lebanon, with Ali Tajideen serving as the managing partner.

According to the designation, Tajco had addresses in Banjul, the Gambia, Beirut, Lebanon and in Freetown, Sierra Leone.

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