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Bajro Ikanovic

Born: 08 November 1976;

Place of Birth: Hrncici, Bratunac, Bosnia and Herzegovina;

Citizen: Bosnia and Herzegovina;

National ID No.: JMB 0811976181415 (Bosnia and Herzegovina);


Ikanovic had previously been sentenced to eight years for terrorism offenses linked to the Bektashevic case on January 10, 2007, which was reduced to four years on appeal on May 21, 2007. He was released from prison in 2011.

According to the prosecution, “Mirsad Bektashevic and Abdulkadir Cesur had the intention of committing a terrorist act on the territory of BiH or some other EU country… the aim of this attach was to force the Bosnian government or government of another state to withdraw their forces from Iraq and Afghanistan.”

Ikanovic has held various leadership positions within ISIL in Iraq and Syria over the past several years, including on ISIL’s Shura Council in 2014.

In December 2013, ISIL commander Tarkhan Teymurazovich Batirashvili (known as, Abu Omar al-Shishani) promoted Ikanovic to head of the largest ISIL training camp in northern Syria.

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