Dispute between Hezbollah members and French soldiers in southern Lebanon

A dispute occurred between members of Hezbollah and French soldiers working with the UN peacekeeping forces in southern Lebanon.

The quarrel broke out on Monday when the international soldiers were taking photos of internal neighborhoods in the southern village of Baraashit.

Janoubia local news website said that some Hezbollah members accused a UNIFIL patrol of entering the neighborhood and taking photographs without being accompanied by the Lebanese Army.

It added that party members were able to confiscate cameras and shields, forcing the patrol commander to request support from his command.

When the situation worsened, “women and children went out and threw stones at the soldiers,” according to the website.

The Central News Agency (Markaziah) reported that the Lebanese Army intelligence interfered immediately, and a meeting was held in the municipality to solve the problem and return the equipment to the French soldiers.

The UNIFIL did not comment on the incident.

Source: Aawsat