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Hassan Ahmed Moukalled

Terror organization: Hezbollah;

Status: Hezbollah financier and financial advisor. key figure in its mechanism of money exchange;

Roll: He owns a company called CTEX exchange, through this company he supplies cash to Hezbollah operations and business cover around the world, including weapon deals form Russia. He is close to Senior Hezbollah financial official Muhammad Qasir and his deputy Muhammad Qasim al-Bazzal. They both were behind the establish of CTEX exchange.

He is one of the most important sources of Hezbollah for US dollars in cash. Connected to Al Qard al Hassan as well.

His two sons, Rani Hassan Moukalled and Rayyan Hassan Moukalled are involved in the business and work with senior Hezbollah officials on several projects on behalf of their father.;

Location: Lebanon;

Also Known As: (Arabic: حسن احمد مقلد); MAKLED, Hasan Ahmed; MOKALED, Hassan; MUQALAD, Hassan; MUQALLAD, Hasan; Hassan Moukalled;

Place of Birth: Lebanon;

Citizenship: Lebanon;

Address: Jarjo, Nabatiyeh, Lebanon

DOB: 17 Feb 1967;

Nationality: Lebanon;

Hassan Moukalled, a Lebanon-based economist, has worked in close coordination with senior Hizballah financial officials to help Hizballah establish a presence in Lebanon’s financial system. He serves as a financial advisor to Hizballah and carries out business deals on behalf of the group throughout the region. Hassan Moukalled works in close coordination with sanctioned senior Hizballah financial official Muhammad Qasir and represents Hizballah in negotiations with potential investors, partners, and even foreign government officials. Hassan Moukalled has coordinated a wide range of issues with Muhammad Qasir, including business deals involving Russia, as well as efforts to assist Hizballah in obtaining weaponry for Hizballah’s use. Hassan Moukalled publicly acknowledged his role in 2016 as an intermediary for negotiations between the Central Bank and Hizballah.

Hassan Moukalled is being designated for having materially assisted, sponsored, or provided financial, material, or technological support for, or goods or services to or in support of, Hizballah.

At the center of this network is Lebanese money exchanger and so-called financial expert Hassan Moukalled, who plays a key role in enabling Hizballah to continue to exploit and exacerbate Lebanon’s economic crisis. Treasury is also designating CTEX Exchange, a money service business owned by Hassan Moukalled, in addition to Hassan Moukalled’s sons, Rayyan Moukalled and Rani Moukalled, who facilitate Hassan Moukalled and his company’s financial activities in support of Hizballah.

Hassan Moukalled is at “the centre” of a network that “plays a key role in enabling Hezbollah to continue to exploit and exacerbate Lebanon’s economic crisis”, according to the US Treasury.

The department announced sanctions on economist Mr Moukalled and his business, as well as his sons Rayyan and Rani, for enabling financial activities “in support of Hezbollah”.

The elder Mr Moukalled frequently appears on Lebanese television as an economy commentator. He is also the owner of a large money service business, CTEX — licensed by Lebanon’s central bank — which the US Treasury has referred to as a financial front company established on behalf of Hezbollah.

The US Treasury accuses Mr Moukalled of engaging in financial engineering for Hezbollah in support of the Iran-backed party’s interests “at the expense of the Lebanese people and economy”, according to Under Secretary of the Treasury for Terrorism and Financial Intelligence Brian Nelson.

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