ISIS gearing up for new wave of bloodshed as cops foil 12 terror plots

ISIS gearing up for new wave of bloodshed as cops foil 12 terror plots

ISIS could be gearing up for a new wave of attacks after cops foiled 12 terror plots across Europe in the past year.

Fears are increasing the terror group could leverage the Middle East conflict to launch bloodshed in the continent and spark chaos.

Western intelligence has revealed cops stopped at least 12 terror attacks in the past 12 months. across Europe.

Ten jihadist attacks have been bravely intercepted and prevented in Europe last year, says Dutch intelligence agency AIVD.

Among the attacks foiled include stabbing rampages at global events, and barbaric assaults on specific venues and groups being targeted, the annual report revealed.

AIVD didn’t elaborate further on where the 10 attacks were set to take place.

But it did say in four of the cases people were arrested and removed from the Netherlands.

The Dutch agency did, however, list two potential reasons for the high number of attacks in the last year.

It said: “There were two mobilising issues: the destruction of Korans in the Netherlands and other European countries and the conflict between Israel and Hamas.”

Israel and Hamas have been at war for over six months now as they continue to rip apart all of Gaza.

The horror war kicked off on October 7, when rampaging Hamas gunmen opened fire on innocent civilians across southern Israel.

Around 1,200 people were killed in the attacks and a further 253 were taken hostage by the brutes – many of whom are still yet to be freed.

Since the chilling massacre, Israel responded with their own revenge kills blasting several top officials and destroying thousands of homes, hospitals and other buildings.

Reports suggest currently more than 34,000 Palestinians – mainly innocent – have been killed.

The Dutch anti-terrorism agency raised its threat level to “substantial” in December 2023.

The second highest level their scale can go as they called the move was brought on by the war.

The AVID didn’t reveal how many of the failed attacks came after October 7.

Two Swedish football fans were shot dead in Brussels before an international match in October by a man who claimed he was a member of the Islamic State jihadist group.

In the same month, a 20-year-old fatally stabbed a teacher before leaving two others badly injured in the French city of Arras.

France’s President Emmanuel Macron condemned the attack and labelled it as “barbaric Islamic terrorism”.

Both of these events are thought to be linked to when Sweden, the Netherlands and other European countries faced severe backlash when people were seen burning the Koran.

Sweden raised its terror alert in August to the second-highest level after Islam’s holy book was tarnished leaving jihadists looking for revenge.

Despite this, the number of attacks by jihadists in Europe has actually decreased since 2017.

But the threat of ISIS returning to cause chaos across Europe has only heightened since they spoke publicly about more attacks.

The bloodthirsty death cult threatened to attack four stadiums in London, Madrid and Paris during the Champions League quarter-finals earlier this month.

The infamous terror group’s twisted PR arm put out a disturbing message which vowed to “kill them all”, including those at London’s Emirates Stadium.

Weeks ago in Moscow, four ISIS-K gunmen unleashed gunfire on concert-goers, slaughtering over 140 and publishing horrific videos of their deaths.

Last year the British government released a report on terrorism which said the “threat to the UK is unrelenting and evolving”.

They said in just four years, 39 large-scale terrorist plots had been thwarted on UK soil – but warned that the threat is on the rise.

The current UK threat level, measured by MI5 and Counter Terror intelligence, sits at “substantial” which means an attack is likely.

The next level would be “severe”, making an attack highly likely.

In October last year the director general of MI5, Ken McCallum, told Sky that intelligence officers are “focused with particular intensity” on a rising risk of attacks on British soil amid conflict in the Middle East.

He said particular concern was being paid to Islamist extremism, among other actors.

German police arrested three suspected Hamas members in Berlin in December as they were allegedly preparing to attack Jewish targets.

Another man was detained in the Netherlands and linked to the same group of suspects.

They were said to have been preparing weapons to be “kept in a state of readiness in view of potential terrorist attacks against Jewish institutions in Europe”, said German federal prosecutors.

Danish cops also announced they had arrested three people on terror-related charges in the same week.

Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu said Danish security forces “thwarted an attack, the goal of which was to kill innocent civilians on European soil”.

He continued: “The Hamas terrorist organisation has been working relentlessly and exhaustively to expand its lethal operations to Europe, and thereby constitute a threat to the domestic security of these countries.”

Germany also faced threats in December as security measures in Cologne were increased after cops ruined plans of an explosive New Year’s Eve attack on the famous cathedral.

The attack was reportedly meant to happen on Christmas Day but police were able to stop the initial attack and intercepted the follow-up attempt.

Several more Muslims were arrested around Christmas time in France, Germany and Austria for various plots.

Spain was also on high alert in that time period.

Five IS fighters were detained in Sweden in January on suspicion of conspiracy to commit a terrorist attack.

They did so in retaliation to the burning of the Koran in parts of the country.

Two others in Sweden tried to blow up a busy church.

Officers said they both planned to “carry out an attack against civilian targets” and chemical substances were found in their homes.

France was also plunged into panic at the hands of jihadist terrorists as a trio of teens were arrested for planning to attack the Israeli embassy in Paris.

Conversations between them after police searches detailed the group’s action plan.

They would “shoot down and slaughter” all cops nearby before dropping explosives outside the embassy and executing any surviving civilians, it was reported.

A boy from Belgium was also involved in the calls.

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