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Terrorist Attacks in belgium

Terror Financiers

Terrorism Financiers

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Nazem Said Ahmad

Ahmad, a diamond dealer, is a prominent Lebanon-based money launderer and significant Hizballah financier. As[...]



Wael Bazzi is the Chief Executive, Managing Director, and Director of Belgium-based OFFISCOOP NV, which[...]


Wael Bazzi

Wael Bazzi formed a petroleum company to maintain his father’s access to the oil industry.[...]


Terrorism Events

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 Terrorist Groups

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GFATF - LLL - Sharia4Belgium

Sharia 4 Belgium

Sharia4Belgium was a Belgian radical Salafist organisation which called for Belgium to convert itself into[...]



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GFATF - LLL - Yassine Lachiri

Yassine Lachiri

Yassine Lachiri is a man convicted of terrorism in Belgium has been detained as he[...]

GFATF - LLL - Kevin Omar Mohamed

Kevin Omar Mohamed

Kevin Omar Mohammed is a Canadian citizen who was convicted for trying to join the[...]

GFATF - LLL - Khalid Zerkani

Khalid Zerkani

Khalid Zerkani is a Moroccan recruiter and propagandist who is serving a 15-year-sentence in Ittre[...]


Athmane Touami

Athmane Touami, also known as Tomi Mahraz, is allegedly a member of the Islamic State[...]

GFATF - LLL - Amir Saadouni

Amir Saadouni

Vienna-based Iranian diplomat Assadollah Assadi handed a bomb package to Amir Saadouni and his partner[...]