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Terrorism FinanciersTerror Financiers

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  • Nazem Said Ahmad
    Ahmad, a diamond dealer, is a prominent Lebanon-based money launderer and significant Hizballah financier. As[...]
    Wael Bazzi is the Chief Executive, Managing Director, and Director of Belgium-based OFFISCOOP NV, which[...]
  • Wael Bazzi
    Wael Bazzi formed a petroleum company to maintain his father’s access to the oil industry.[...]
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Terrorist GroupsThreats

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  • Tarik Jadaoun
    Tarik Jadaoun is a Belgian member of the Islamic State detained in Iraq, who was[...]
  • Saida El Mimouni
    Saida El Mimouni is a woman from Antwerp affiliated with the Islamic State (IS) in[...]
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