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Malik Ali Habib

Known Also As: Malik Ali-Habib;

Citizenship: Syria;

DOB: 04 Jan 1963;

POB: Jablah Latakia, Syria;

Country: Syria;

Syrian Military Intelligence Branch head Malik Ali Habib played a major role in crimes and violations committed by the Tadmur Branch of Syrian Military Intelligence, including the murders of detainees at that branch.

Dozens of bodies of deceased detainees had been seen at the Tadmur Branch during Habib’s tenure. Political prisoners reportedly under Habib’s supervision were beaten, burned, and crucified to death; officials were then forced to write reports that the prisoners died of natural causes, such as stroke and kidney failure.

Malik Ali Habib is being designated pursuant to E.O. 13572 for being senior officials of Syrian Military Intelligence.

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