Senior commander likely killed in airstrikes in eastern Syria

Senior commander likely killed in airstrikes in eastern Syria

Multiple sites belonging to Iran’s elite Revolutionary Guards Corps (IRGC) in the Deir Ezzor region of eastern Syria were struck by airstrikes late Monday night, according to reports from Syrian media outlets. Initial accounts suggest high-ranking IRGC members were present at one of the targeted locations during the bombardment.

The strikes resulted in several casualties, with both fatalities and injuries reported by the pro-Hezbollah TV station Al-Mayadeen. A militia source aligned with the Assad regime stated that 10 separate airstrikes pounded areas around Al-Bukamal, and neighboring villages, as cited by Iran’s Mehr News Agency.

While several Syrian outlets accused the United States of conducting the strikes, no official confirmation has come from American authorities. A US military official denied any involvement to Al-Jazeera on Monday evening. Unverified reports circulated of an IRGC commander known as Hajj Asker being injured or killed, though Iranian and Syrian officials have yet to corroborate these claims as of early Tuesday.

The attacks followed a drone and rocket assault the previous day targeting a base used by the US-led coalition in northeast Syria, according to Syrian reports. Tensions remain high in the region amid Iran’s entrenched military presence in Syria supporting the Assad government.

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