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Some Islamic State prisoners joined the Syrian Regime forces

Some Islamic State prisoners joined the Syrian Regime forces

February 10, 2020 » Today News »


  • LLL-GFATF-ISIS Islamic State ISIS is an Islamic extremist terrorist organization controlling territory in Iraq...[+]

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Some ISIS prisoners have joined the Syrian regime forces and participated in their battles, said a former Iranian diplomat.

Amir Mousavi said these members, who were captured in Syria, joined the regime “after acknowledging their mistakes.”

Iranian supreme leader Ali Khamenei has recommended “rehabilitating ISIS prisoners, the warring groups against the country’s Revolutionary Guards Corps (IRGC) and the groups fighting in the name of Iran in the region, instead of killing them,” Mousavi added in media statements.

“Some ISIS prisoners from Syria’s youth joined the Syrian army’s ranks to atone for their sins and had participated in the liberation of Deir Ezzor (eastern Syria),” the Anadolu Agency quoted him as saying.

Mousavi further noted that the regime has benefited from these elements “in liberating Syrian territories and defeating other takfiri forces.”

Source: Aawsat