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Ticino Canton

Known also as: Islamic Society in Ticino Canton;

Founded: 1992;

UID: CHE 103 569 544;

Registered number: CH-514.6.010.340-3;

Address: Via Maggio 21, Lugano 6900 (business), Post box Lugano 6 Caselle, TI 6906, Switzerland.


Since 2004, MB leader Ghaleb Himmat is the CEO of CIT.

The Egyptian Mohammed Mahmoud Abdul-Moti is vice president and treasurer, and the board of directors includes Mohamed Karmous, who is deputy secretary since 2004, in addition to Sulaiman Sulaiman (aka Suleiman Abdul-Qadir, the MB’s general supervisor in Libya and Fahim el-Maouhub (secretary)).

One of the founders was Saad Abou Zaid Ibrahim, an Egyptian with Italian nationality, who left the board in 2002 and was followed by Ahmed Idriss Nasreddin (a former employee in Bin Laden’s company, as well as a suspect in the September 11 attacks, but was acquitted in 2006) in November 2003.

The “New Muslim” section in the Society’s website features articles by Yusuf al-Qaradawi and Tariq Ramadan.

The Islamic Society in Canton had a budget of US$414,500 and 531,000 Swiss Francs ($534,000) in 2006, totaling around US$1 million.

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