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Amirull Ali

Amirull Ali was detained under the Internal Security Act for his plan to stab local Jewish community members after their prayer service at Maghain Aboth Synagogue in the city-state.

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Mohammad Maroh Kabaha

Mohammad Maroh Kabaha is a Palestinian terrorist who killed the Israeli national Esther Horgen on December 20. Kabaha planned the attack some six weeks in advance. One reason was to avenge the death of his friend Camal Abu Wae’r, a Palestinian[...]

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Michael Peretz

Michael Peretz is a resident of the Mivtahim agricultural village in the Eshkol region that borders the Gaza Strip, who gets seven years in jail for smuggling supplies to Hamas for tunnels and weapons. Peretz was found guilty of heading a[...]

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Bilal Kardi

Bilal Kardi is a known operative from the cyber unit operated by the Izzadin al-Qassam Brigades, Hamas’s military wing. He frequently on various social-networking sites recruited Palestinian minors in the West Bank to carry out terrorist attacks against Israeli citizens and[...]

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Osama Krayem

Osama Krayem, also known as Naïm or Naim al Hamed, is a Swedish national of Syrian origin and a suspected terrorist involved in the 2016 Brussels bombings. He was one of five men arrested on 8 April 2016 by the Belgian[...]

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Yasmin Jabar

Yasmin Jabar is a Palestinian resident of East Jerusalem who spied for Hezbollah terrorist group. She is a resident of Jerusalem's Old City and works at the National Library at the Hebrew University of Jerusalem. She was recruited by Hezbollah and[...]

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Mahmoud Maqdad

Mahmoud Maqdad, who was born to a Bedouin-Israeli mother and Gazan father, is married to a woman living in the Hamas-ruled coastal enclave, and divides his time between Segev Shalom (Shaqib al-Salam), in the Negev near Beersheba, and Rafah, in the[...]

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