Hassan Daqqou Trading

Hassan Daqqou Trading specializing in general trade and import-export operations that are registered under Daqqou’s name in the Beka’a Valley region of Lebanon


Noah Zaitar

Noah Zaitar is a Lebanese national with close ties to both the SAA’s Fourth Division and certain members of Hizballah


Samer Kamal al-Assad

Samer Kamal al-Assad (Samer) is a cousin of President al-Assad and oversees key Captagon production facilities in regime-controlled Latakia, Syria, in coordination with the Fourth...

GFATF - LLL - Behnam Shahariari

Behnam Shahariari

Shahariari was the one who pushed forward the capabilities of the unit. He built and directed the infrastructure enabling Quds Force to transfer sensitive weapons...

Ghazi Nasr al Din

Ghazi Nasr Al-Din is a Lebanese Venezuelan who served as charge d'affaires of the Venezuelan Embassy in Damascus, Syria and is accused of assisting Hezbollah.


Al Moukhtar Products Company

Al Moukhtar Products Co. SARL (Al Moukhtar) was one of several subsidiaries of United General Holding. United General Holding owns 80 percent of Al-Moukhtar.


Hasan Al-Shaban

Al-Shaban’s banking information was provided by an al-Qa’ida fundraiser to prospective donors as a way for them to send money to support al-Qa’ida military efforts...