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Terrorism FinanciersTerror Financiers

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  • Abu Khalid al-Suri
    In 2004, he and Abu Musab were linked to the 2004 Madrid bombing through a[...]
  • KMC Holding
    KMC brings to customers access to the commercial knowledge database of local and regional markets,[...]
  • Europe Trust
    According to the Investigative Project on Terrorism: “through a pan-European organization called the Europe Trust,[...]
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Terrorist GroupsThreats

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  • Mustafa Setmariam Nasar
    Abu Musab al-Suri, born Mustafa bin Abd al-Qadir Setmariam Nasar is a suspected Al-Qaeda member[...]
  • Jamal Zougam
    Jamal Zougam was one of six men implicated in the 2004 Madrid train bombings. He[...]
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