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Europe Trust


El-Zayat’s third “code” is 962072019. Under this code, he controls Europe Trust Company, est. October 2003. The company’s registration no. is 28907707. Ahmed Kazem El-Rawi is the company’s executive director and el-Zayat is a member of its board or trustees.

The company’s total assets are 6.8 million GBP, shareholder funds 5.8 million GBP, total sales (2013) 1.6 million GBP, net worth 5.8 million GBP.

The Trust is led by Ahmed El-Rawi, a UK-based Muslim Brotherhood leader, and Nooh al Kaddo, a Dublin-based Iraqi who runs the Islamic Cultural Center of Ireland (ICCI), well known as a Brotherhood institution. Another member of Europe Trust was Abdel Shaheed Abdel Rafie El-Ashaal.

According to the Investigative Project on Terrorism: “through a pan-European organization called the Europe Trust, Kuwait is tying Dutch and other European Muslims directly into the Muslim Brotherhood via complex financial, non-profit and religious networks that stretch from Spain to Ireland – and across the Atlantic to New York.” Based in the UK, the Europe Trust is funded largely by Kuwait, and, according to the Middle East Quarterly, “channels money from the Persian Gulf to groups sympathetic to the Brotherhood in Europe, primarily to build mosques.”

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