Terror Financiers


Hussein Ahmad Jalal Abdallah

As of 2020, Hussein Ahmad Jalal Abdallah, son of Ahmad Abdallah, helped coordinate business logistics for his father. His father delegated authority to him for...


Ali Reda Abdallah

Ali Reda Abdallah, Ahmad Abdallah’s other brother, coordinated closely with Ahmad Abdallah in 2020 to further their investment...


Ahmad Abdallah

Ahmad Abdallah is a Hezbollah official and an active member of Hezbollah’s global financial network who has supported Hezbollah for decades, carrying out extensive commercial...

GFATF - LLL - Ali Saade

Ali Saade

He is a Hezbollah financier operates in Guinea. Saade initiates money transfers from Guinea to Hezbollah, transferring funds through Hezbollah representatives in Guinea and Lebanon

GFATF - LLl - Abdul Reza Shahlai

Abdul Reza Shahlai

Shahla’i has a long history of targeting Americans and U.S. allies globally. Some of it: Multiple assassinations of coalition forces in Iraq, provided weapons and...

GFATF LLL Haytham Ali Tabatabai

Haytham ‘Ali Tabataba’i

One of the responsible figures for Hezbollah’s strong foothold in both Syria and Yemen, and the upgrade of the local militias in there. Key military...

GFATF - LLL - Ali Daamoush

Ali Daamoush

Senior Hezbollah operative and part of the executive council, close to Hassan Nasrallah. Daamoush also leads Hezbollah’s Foreign Relations Department, which partakes in terrorist operations...

GFATF - LLL - Tareck El Aissami

Tareck El Aissami

Manages money laundering in giant scale, consider a drug kingpin connected to local cartels, Mexican cartels and to Hezbollah


Ali Mohamad Daoun

Ali Mohamad Daoun is a Hezbollah official who is in charge of the second district for Hezbollah terrorist group.


Adel Diab

Adel Diab is a Hezbollah member and Lebanese businessman who used his business to raise funds for the terrorist group and...


Jihad Salem Alame

Jihad Salem Alame, along with Adel Diab, Ali Mohamad Daoun and their company, Dar Al Salam for Travel & Tourism, the Treasury’s Office of Foreign...