Who is Who in the Zoo

GFATF LLL Said al-Jamal

Sa’id al-Jamal

Sa’id al-Jamal, an Iran-based Houthi financial supporter, directs a network of front companies and vessels that smuggle Iranian fuel, petroleum products, and other commodities to...

GFATF LLL Yahya Saree

Yahya Saree

Military spokesman/Information Minister for Yemen's Houthi movement (Ansar Allah).

GFATF LLL Bilal Mohsen Wehbe

Bilal Mohsen Wehbe

Known as the highest representative of Hezbollah in South America, a role he allegedly undertook at the request of Hezbollah Secretary General Hassan Nasrallah

GFATF LLL Jihad Yaghmour

Jihad Yaghmour

Responsible for facilitating activities for the terror group. Yaghmour’s nefarious activities began in the early 90’s when he was implicated in the Hamas-coordinated abduction of...

GFATF LLL Mohammad Qasim Gujjar

Mohammad Qasim Gujjar

Mohammad Qasim has also been involved in various terror attacks, and bomb blasts and is responsible for causing death and injuries to several persons in...

GFATF LLL Kassem Mohammad Chams

Kassem Mohammad Chams

Kassem Chams and his international money laundering network move tens of millions of dollars a month in illicit narcotics proceeds on behalf of drug kingpins...

GFATF LLL Hossein Hatefi Ardakani

Hossein Hatefi Ardakani

Ardakani has used his network of intermediary companies, including Malaysia and Hong Kong based front companies and UAE logistics businesses, to procure and to facilitate...

GFATF LLL - Bilal Bahsoun

Bilal Bahsoun

Among the places in which he carried out operational activity for Hezbollah Unit 910 are Indonesia (in 2012) and Cambodia (in 2014).

GFATF LLL Abukar Ali Adan

Abukar Ali Adan

Ali Adan is designated for being deputy leader of al-Shabaab. According to Reuters, back to March 2010, he was Shabaab’s “chairman” along the border with...

Ali Mohammad Kazan

Senior operative in unit 910, in the past was one of the key figures in the triangle border in South America (Paraguay, Brazil, Argentina), one...

GFATF LLL Sheikh Nawaf Al-Bashir

Sheikh Nawaf Al-Bashir

A prominent Arab leader among the tribes in Dier ez-Zur region, head of Hashemite Tribes Regiment.