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Abdallah Tahini

Known Also As: Abdallah Asad Tahini; Abdallah Thahini; Ahmad Tahini; Abdallah As’ad Thini;

Location: Lebanon

DOB: June 20, 1965;

In May 2013, Abdallah Tahini was arrested for being a member of the Hizballah terrorist cell in Nigeria and was found to be a Hizballah veteran and long-term fundraiser of the organization.

Tahini underwent Hizballah military training in Lebanon in his youth, and he is now a permanent representative of Hizballah’s FRD in Abuja, Nigeria. Tahini has also served as the Hizballah representative from Kano, Nigeria to Hizballah Martyrs Foundation annual conference.

As of November 2013, Tahini was an operative in Hizballah’s FRD. Tahini’s duties in Hizballah’s FRD included organizing Hizballah delegations visiting Nigeria, as well as directing others to collect information for Hizballah on Western targets in Nigeria.

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