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Abdul Aziz

Born: 1985;

Gender: Male;

Passport: AP1810244 expires 31 October 2026;

1. House #29, 30th St., Karachi, Pakistan;
2. Quetta, Pakistan;

Known also as: Abdul Aziz Baloch; Aziz Shah Zamani.

Aziz, a narcotics trafficker, has served as a middleman for the sale of opium from Afghan farmers to Iranian and Turkish narcotics traffickers.


As of early 2017, he had a business relationship with two Taliban commanders whereby he arranged for these commanders’ narcotics to be transported from Afghanistan, through Pakistan and Iran, to Europe and Africa.

In exchange, these Taliban commanders provided protection for one of Abdul Aziz’s narcotics processing facilities in Helmand Province, Afghanistan.

As of late 2016, Aziz provided financial support to Taliban senior leadership in Pakistan and paid certain travel expenses for Taliban commanders.

Aziz has narcotics trafficking partners in Europe, Africa, and East Asia.

Previously, he smuggled precious gemstones from Afghanistan for international sale and donated a large portion of these profits to Taliban senior leadership in Pakistan.

Aziz provides funds to the Taliban’s Quetta Shura every year and travels to the Gulf to collect money from other international narcotics dealers to provide to the Taliban Quetta Shura.

In addition, in late February 2017, Aziz planned to travel to China to establish a company, probably related to a marble quarrying venture in Pakistan. He had traveled recently to review the marble venture.

As of late July 2017, Aziz planned to bring a collection of green, white, and pink onyx with him when he traveled to the United Arab Emirates (UAE).

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