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ACL Ithalat Ihracat

Established: 2011;

Registration No.: 11586;


1. No: 96 Dunya Is Merkezi 2 Kat, Sanliurfa, Turkey;
2. Cengiz Topel Mah 2 Dun is Merk, Sanliurfa, Turkey;
3. Yusufpasa Mah Dunya Is Merkeri Ctr, Sanliurfa 63000, Turkey;
4. 96 Earth Business Center, 2nd Floor, Sanliurfa, Turkey;

Known also as: ACL GSM Import Export; ACL Ithalat Ihracat Ismail Bayalt; ACL Ithalat Ihracat Ismail Bayaltun.


As of 2018, Ismail Bayaltun was the Chairman of the Board of Directors of ACL Ithalat Ihracat and operated ACL Ithalat Ihracat with his siblings.

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