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Ali Ghaleb Himmat

Born: 16 June 1938;

Place of Birth: Damascus, Syria;

1. Campione D’Italia, Como, Italy;
2. Lugano, Ticino, Switzerland (near Youssef Nada).


Considered to be one of the major financier of the MB.

Along with his associates – Yussef Nada and Ahmed Idris Nasreddin provided for years a vast infrastructure to the MB.

Suspected to provide financial means and business cover up to Al-Qaida (The Al-Taqwa bank case. Himmat was managing director and co-founder of Al-Taqwa bank).

From 1973 to 2002 Himmat ran the Islamic Community of Germany(IGD) Designated by OFAC in 7/11/2001 as part of the Nada-Nasreddin chain. Delisted by OFAC in 10/8/2009.

We suspect that today his worldwide spreading businesses still support the MB infrastructure all over the world.

Ali Ghaleb Himmat – Businesses

Nada International Anstalt (Vaduz, Liechtenstein) – along with Youssef Nada and Idris Nasreddin;

Nada Management Organization SA (Lugano, Switzerland) – along with Youssef Nada and Idris Nasreddin;

Comunita Islamica Del Canton, Ticino:
• Ali Ghaleb Himmat – CEO;
• Ahmed Idris Nareddin – Board member;
• Mohammed Karmous – Board member (MB leader, SWASYA organization);

International Islamic Charitable Organization, Sharq Kowait, Succursale de Meyrin (Geneva, Switzerland):
• Ali Ghaleb Himmat – Board member;
• Youssef Al Qaradawi – Board member;


Youssef Himmat (son) – Board member of Forum of European Muslim Youth and Students Organization (FEMYSO), he is also the secretary general of Council Of Europe (COE);

Dr. Huda Himmat (daughter) – Chairman deputy of FEMYSO and the spokesman of the Comunita Islamica Del Canton, Ticino.

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