Beirut port explosion – analyzing the chain of events

Beirut port explosion – analyzing the chain of events

Analyzing the Beirut port explosion chain of events:

Inspecting to the core the testimony that was given to us by “Jihad”, and cross-referencing his unique information with other articles published about the explosion, like the Aljazeera research, and analyzing information we got from sources in Africa, leads us to the following grand picture:

Hajj Noore – is Nur Shaalan, Hezbollah front person for coordination, procurement and shipment of weapons and explosives. The fact he was on that triangle meeting, signifies the importance of the event. He is a shadowy senior figure in the organization.

Ghazi Zaiter, Mohammed Zaiter, and the railway project – the railway project is stuck for many years. It is, for many years now, the easiest money to be taken out through Hezbollah’s construction companies. There is no doubt that the money from that origin is still aiding Hezbollah today (we are talking about millions of USD). As we understand it Zaiter senior skimmed some of the money and then also arranged a nice income for Zaiter junior.

Imad Khuri and George Haswani – like Nur Shaalan, these two Syrian businessmen are connected to both Hezbollah and the Assad regime, which makes a lot of sense as this meeting was a major event for both Hezbollah and Assad.

These Syrians businessmen used their business connections to Savaro limited company and some straw companies to make this operation possible and avoid sanctions. Thus, it was Savaro limited that bought the ammonium nitrate from the Georgian company, Rustavi Azot.

MozambiqueFabrica de Explosivos de Moçambique is the local company that was supposed to be the destination of the ammonium nitrate when it left Georgia. The company is not responding and not found anywhere, and has probably shut down its activity. We reveal here that cross reference info from various sources indicates that the person who made this deceit possible, is Hezbollah financier Kassem Hejeij.

Kassem Hejeij – A Hezbollah designated financier, who has numerous connections in the African continent.[1][2] He used one of them to approach this company and offer them 700,000 USD to be the official destination of the ammonium nitrate, and after that to close the company. The company took the deal almost immediately due to the fact it was in financial difficulties. The mediators to this deal were two Lebanese that are dominant figures in the Lebanese community in Mozambique, and Hezbollah members. In recent years we see an increase in Hezbollah’s activity in Mozambique.

Few years later, probably due to the issue at hand, Hejeij, who divided his life between the Middle East and Africa, came back to Lebanon and became the mayor of Deir Antar, willing to run for the parliament and take immunity, avoiding his involvement in the Beirut port explosion.

Beirut port explosion chain of events:
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