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GFATF - Hussein El-Achi

Lawyer: Ali Hussein El-Achi

Country: Lebanon;

Address: Jnah, Saeb Salam Blvd; Al-Jazeera Bldg, Block A, 1 st Floor, Beirut – Lebanon;

Known Also As: Ali Hussein el-Achi, Hussein el-Achi, Hussein al-Achi;

Website: www.achilawfirm.com;

Email: Hussein.el.achi@achilawfirm.com;

Phone: + 961-71-177779;


Founding partner of Achi Law Firm. Linked to Hezbollah and to prominent Syrian businessmen;

Achi Law Firm provides material services to Hezbollah and other illicit elements. The Firm’s attorneys, chief among them Ali Hussein al-Achi, cater to the needs of prominent members of Hezbollah’s BAC apparatus as well as to the needs of sanctioned members of Syria’s elite. Given the close relationship between Hezbollah and Syria’s president, Bashar al-Assad, it is possible that al-Achi’s connection to Fadi Nabih Nasser on the one hand and his relations with Hezbollah on the other may have had a part in Nasser’s involvement in smuggling oil products into Syria;

Hussein Ali al-Achi is listed as the lawyer of a company, with Lebanese and Belgian shareholders, called “BGH (Holding) SAL”. An examination of the company’s corporate data, shows that its CEO, Chairman of the board, co-founder and majority shareholder is Imad Abdul Reda Bakri, a Hezbollah financier that laundered money for Hezbollah through his various business dealings in Africa, Europe and South America. According to reports he was also part of Hezbollah’s involvement in selling “conflict diamonds.” It is important to note that BGH Holding Group’s accounting firm, which also handle the affairs of its other subsidiaries (Nascom SAL, BGH for Trading), is the Lebanese branch of the International accounting firm “Grant Thornton”;

ALF’s leading partner Ali Hussein al-Achi is also a prominent member of a network of companies linked to two interconnected networks of individuals and entities that were sanctioned for violating the oil embargo against Syria. The common link connecting both networks is al-Achi himself. The first network involved Fadi Nabih Nasser. The latter, is a Lebanese-Bulgarian businessman that was placed under OFAC sanctions for being part of a large-scale fuel procurement network that delivered crude oil, fuel and LNG to Syria. Nasser’s company, Nasco Polymers, along with another UAE-based company called Sonex Investment, facilitated shipments to Syrian ports. According to OFAC, Nasser, who controls 80% of Nasco’s shares, ‘has arranged delivery of thousands of tons of fuel to Syrian ports and has received millions of dollars for facilitating such shipments.’

Ali Hussein al-Achi is listed as Nasco Polymer’s attorney. But, al-Achi is not only Nasser’s attorney but also his business partner. Al-Achi is listed as the Attorney, founding partner and member of the board of directors in another one of Nasser’s companies called Nasser Petroleum Company Offshore (no. 2 in the table in the Annex), in another one of Nasser’s companies , African Polymers Chemicals company, he is listed as both shareholder and attorney.

In addition, al-Achi and Nasser are also connected to a company called Jawa Trading. Al-Achi serves as the company’s attorney while Nasser serves as its Chairman of the board of directors. Interestingly enough, Jawa Trading’s CEO and majority shareholder, Talal al-Haj Ahmed, is also the CEO and majority shareholder of a company called Abar Petroleum. The latter is a company that is affiliated with Rami Makhlouf (via his financial advisor Bassam al-Sabbagh) and more importantly it was also placed under sanctions for working with the Government of Syria ‘to evade sanctions and import crude oil and petroleum products to Syrian ports.’

Ali Hussein al-Achi is representing the following companies: (all connected with the terrorist organization Hezbollah)

1. Al-Inmaa Group for Tourism Works (Specially Designated Global Terrorist)
2. Al-Inmaa Engineering and Contracting SARL (Specially Designated Global Terrorist)
3. Al-Inmaa General Contractors SARL
4. Inter Aliment Sal Offshore (Specially Designated Global Terrorist)
5. Fun World Company (a/k/a Aalam al-Marah Co SAL)
6. Madan Tourism Projects Company SAL (a/k/a “Green City”; Moudon SAL)
7. Lebanese Bread & Confectionery Company SAL
8. Family House SARL
9. Farah Tyre Company
10. Alia Company SARL
11. Development Studies SARL
12. New Land SARL
13. Gresco for Contracting and Trading Company SARL
14. BGH (Holding) SAL
15. Nasser Petroleum Company Offshor
16. Nasco Polymers & Chemicals Co Sal- Offshore (Specially Designated Global Terrorist)
17. Nasser Petroleum Group (N.P.G) SAL
19. African Polymers & Chemicals Co SAL OFF SHORE
20. Petro Tala SAL
21. Jawa Trading Sal (Offshore)

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