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Accountant: Jihad Muhammad Qansu

Born: 10 February 1966;

Gender: Male;

Passport: RL2647015 (Lebanon); alt. 127298342 (Venezuela);

1. Jinah-Hafez Al Asad Street, Abedah Building-1st Floor, Beirut, Lebanon;
2. Hafez Al Assaad Street, Abadi Building, 1st Floor, Jnah, Baabda, Lebanon;

Known also as: Jehad Kanso; Jehad Mohamed Kanso; Jihad Kanso; Jihad Mohamad Kanso; Jihad Kansou; Jihad Mohamad Kansou; Jehad Kansu; Jehad Qansawh; Jehad Qanso; Jihad Qansu.


Jihad Muhammad Qansu serves as statutory auditor of numerous companies associated with Hezbollah terrorist group. On February 2, 2018, Qansu was designated as an Specially Designated Global Terrorist by the U.S. Department of the Treasury for his role as financial manager of Al-Inmaa Engineering and Contracting SARL (Specially Designated Global Terrorist).

Qansu is a financial manager of Al-Inmaa, who works on behalf of the company by directing payments and receipt of funds. Qansu is a business associate of Hezbollah operative and financier Adham Tabaja (Specially Designated Global Terrorist), and assists Tabaja “in accounting matters, including resolving bank account issues.”

As part of his role in Al-Inmaa, Qansu worked on the company’s operations together with Muhammad Al-Mukhtar Kallas (Specially Designated Global Terrorist). He is affiliated, as founder or shareholder, with several companies that are part of the Tabaja and Tajideen networks.

Jihad Muhammad Qansu is statutory auditor of the following BAC companies:

– Al-Inmaa Engineering and Contracting SARL;

– Amigo Travel and Transport SAL;

– Global Touristic Services SAL (GTS);

– Golden Fish (Offshore) SAL (Specially Designated Global Terrorist) – Qansu is also a shareholder (holding 495 shares), co-founder, and board member of the company;

– Rayan Foods SAL;

– Société Orientale Libanaise d’Investissement et Développement SAL;

– Interafrica Trading Company ITC SAL Offshore;

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