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Muhammad Abdallah Al-Amin

Born: 11 January 1975;

Place of Birth: El Mezraah, Beirut, Lebanon;

Gender: Male;

Nationality: Lebanon;

1. Yusif Mishkhas T: 3 Ibn Sina, Bayrut Marjayoun, Lebanon;
2. Beirut, Lebanon;

Known also as: Mohamed Abdullah Al Ameen; Mohammad Al Amin; Muhammad Abdallah Al Amin; Muhammed Al Amin; Mohamad Al-Amin; Mohamed Alamin; Mohamed Abdalla Amine; Muhammed El Amine.


Muhammad is a Lebanese businessman and merchant whose father Abdallah is a former Member of Parliament and minister. Abdallah, who was affiliated with the Baath Party, was the labor minister in the 1990s.

Al-Amin kept funds in his name for Tabaja in a Lebanese bank and he was the liaison between Tabaja and banking officials. Al-Amin also helped Tabaja circumvent the US sanctions and their repercussions.

Al-Amin has also been involved in financial activities with Muhammad Fallah Kallas. Kallas was designated because he provided financial services to Tabaja through his work for Tabaja’s company, Al-Inmaa Engineering and Contracting.

Al-Amin owns or run, these companies: Sierra Gas S.A.L. Offshore, Lama Foods S.A.R.L., Lama Foods International Offshore S.A.L., Impulse S.A.R.L., Impulse International S.A.L. Offshore, M. Marine S.A.L. Offshore, and Thaingui S.A.L. Offshore.

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