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Fouzi Fawaz

Known Also As: Fawzi Reda Fawaz; Fawzy Fawaz; Fawzi Fawwaz; Fowzy Fawaz; Fawzy; Reda Darwish-Fawaz

Citizenship: Lebanese; Nigerian; Sierra Leonean;

Location: Abuja, Nigeria;

DOB: February 12, 1968; March 24, 1973;

POB: Sierra Leone; Jwaya, Lebanon;

Passport No.: 0258649 (Unknown); 0107516 (Lebanese);

Country: Nigeria;

Address: Flat 4, Blantyre Street, Behind Amigo, Supermarket, Wuse II, Abuja, Nigeria; 3 Gaya Road in Kano, Nigeria;

Fouzi Fawaz is a member of the Hizballah terrorist cell in Nigeria. Individuals who were arrested in Nigeria for their involvement with Hizballah claimed Fouzi Fawaz was in possession of heavy weapons and involved in other terrorism-related activities.

Fouzi Fawaz was a Hizballah Foreign Relations Department (FRD) official in Abuja, Nigeria. The FRD claims to be in charge of “community relations;” but the primary goal of the FRD in Nigeria is to scout recruits for Hizballah’s military units, as well as to create and support Hizballah’s terrorist infrastructure for its operational units in Africa and globally.

In 2008 Fouzi Fawaz coordinated travel for a Hizballah associate. In 2007, he coordinated travel arrangements and itineraries with other Hizballah Foreign Relations officials in Lagos and Kano, Nigeria.

As of 2013, Nigerian authorities issued an arrest warrant for Fouzi Fawaz following the discovery of a Hizballah weapons cache in the Kano, Nigeria. Fouzi Fawaz was a resident of Abuja, Nigeria and the brother and business partner of Mustapha Fawaz.

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