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Mustapha Fawaz

Known Also As: Mustapha Reda Darwish Fawaz; Moustafa Reda Darwish-Fawaz; Mustafa Fawwaz; Mustapha Fawaz; Mustapha Rida Darwich Fawaz; Mostafa Reda Darwich Fawaz; Mustapha Rhoda Darwich Fawaz; Moustapha Fawaz; Mustafa Fawaz; Mustafa Darwish Fawaz;

Citizenship: Lebanese; Nigerian; Sierra Leonean;

Location: Abuja, Nigeria;

DOB: June 25, 1964; September 10, 1964;

POB: Jwaya, Lebanon; Koidu Town, Sierra Leone;

Passport No.: RL 2101602 (Lebanon); 0168459 (Sierra Leone); RL0148105 (Lebanon); 0257909 (Sierra Leone);

Country: Nigeria;

Address: Flat 4, Blantyre Street, Behind Amigo, Supermarket, Wuse II, Abuja, Nigeria; 3 Gaya Road in Kano, Nigeria;

Mustapha Fawaz has been a significant donor to Hizballah and is also a member of Hizballah’s Islamic Jihad Organization (IJO). In mid-May 2013, the Nigerian State Security Service detained Mustapha Fawaz for his affiliation with Hizballah.

Mustapha Fawaz reportedly confessed the details of Hizballah activities in Nigeria and identified additional names of other Hizballah IJO cell members in Nigeria, as well as a specific property in Kano, Nigeria that was used to support terrorism.

As of mid-September 2003, Mustapha Fawaz solicited donations in Abuja, Nigeria, and helped arrange the transmission of these funds to Hizballah in Lebanon.

Since the 1990s, Mustapha Fawaz has been involved in activities related to communications, surveillance, and reporting for Hizballah.

He communicated with Hizballah in Lebanon by e-mail and reportedly received updates and newsletters regarding Hizballah activities and distributed this information to other Hizballah supporters in Abuja.

Fawaz used special surveillance cameras based at Amigo Supermarket to monitor the movements of expatriates, especially Israelis. He also provided Hizballah with a report of his visit to the U.S. Embassy in Nigeria.

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