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Hassan Izz al-Din Malek

Born: 20 August 1958;

Education: B.A. from Alexandria University’s College of Commerce (1980).


Born into a Muslim Brotherhood family, Malek joined the organization at a young age. In 1978, he befriended Khairat al-Shater while studying at Alexandria University.

In 1983, Malek and al-Shater cofounded Salsabil, which signed the Egyptian military as one of its clients.

In 1992, the Mubarak regime held a case against Salsabil to target the MB’s finances. As a result, the company was shut down and both Malek and al-Shater were imprisoned for a year.

Following his release, Malek resumed his business activities, establishing Malek Trade and investing in the Turkish furniture company Istikbal, among others.

He also conducted import/export deals in more than ten countries; four of his seven children help him run his factories.

The regime targeted Malek again in 2007, charging him with money laundering and funding a terrorist organization.

The government froze his assets, and Malek served his prison sentence alongside al-Shater until both were released in March 2011 following Mubarak’s ouster.

In March 2012, Malek established the Egyptian Business Development Association (EBDA), whose board of directors includes many Muslim Brothers. His e-mail address at EBDA is: hassan.malek@ebda-egypt.org.

In July 2012, President Morsi appointed Malek to chair a new business development council for advising the president on attracting international investment.

Hassan Malek Businesses – Malek Group

Hassan Malek is the Chairman of Malek Group.

The group includes a number of textile and furniture companies. The group also deals with industrial raw materials and electronics.

Since July 2014, the supervision of the group was granted to “Egypt Duty Free Company”.

One website registers Sarar and Istikbal as part of Malek Group. The customer care e-mail of the group is: customer.care@malek-group.com.

Companies indirectly owed by Malek Group. The ownership of the following companies is divided between 5 groups Hassan Malek Group, Al-Wartha Group, Aal Seoudi Group, Shabin Elcom Group and Abd al-Halim Group. (the nature of the link between Malek Group and the other groups is not clear)

⚫ Al-Jira Company for Medical Equipment, Abd al-Rahman Seoudi Building Development Company, Retail Investment Development Company, Mustafa Muhammad Seoudi Company, The New International Center Company, Al-Barakeh for Trading and Agency Company, Al-Aqsa for Trade and Distribution Company, Al-Safwa International Group Company, Arab Forum for Expertise and Investment Company.

Inherited with his brothers the “Malek Factory” for weaving and textile.

Rawag Company managed most of Malek’s different businesses, but was seized by the government in July 2014.

Malek is a partner with: Al-Farida Clothing chain (seized by the Egyptioan Government in July 2014), “Bayt al-Abaya al-Sharqi” Clothing chain, Sarar Clothing chain and Istikbal Furniture chain.

“Malek Furniture” chain was targeted by the Egyptian government in July 2014.

Malek established close ties with Recep Tayyip Erdoğan, links that helped him in getting hold of the franchise for Turkish brands such as Istikbal and Sarar. [source]

In December 2013, a complaint was filed in Egypt, blaming Malek, Erdoğan and Ibrahim Munir of attempting to overthrow the Egyptian government. According to prosecutor Asem Qandil, the Egyptian intelligence services observed a meeting in Istanbul in which 7 members of the International MB organization, as well as Erdoğan participated and set a plan to “defend the supporters of Islam in Egypt.” [source]

Other companies, probably under Malek Group, are al-Izz Trading and Salon Furniture (both seized in July 2014).

In November 2014, the Egyptian government seized the stores of Bellona Furniture chain, which were owned by Hassan Malek, and were assigned to him by his brother Mahmud Malek. Malek opened the stores in defiance of the decision to freeze his assets.

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